Teardrop, Sterling Silver Engraved Puff Earrings

These Sterling Silver earrings are teardrop shaped, puffed, french ear wires that have a beautiful design engraved on both the front and the back.

A wonderful gift!

The earrings are 1 & 3/8 inches long and the widest part of the teardrop is 1/2 inch.

– Gift Boxed – $14.95

Moon & Star Sterling Silver Earrings

moonstar ear ss

These earrings portray a stylized Moon and star and match
our Astronomical pendant

Approximately 1/4″ by 1/4″,  925 Sterling Silver with 925 Sterling posts.

– Gift Boxed – $12.95


Sterling Silver Laser-Cut Ball Post Earrings

These Sterling Silver earrings are round ball post earrings,  that have a uniquely beautiful laser finish.

A wonderful gift!

The balls are 8 mm round and the made of 925 Sterling silver.


14K Gold & Rhodium Star Ball Earrings

Sterling Silver Laser-Cut Ball Earrings

Sterling Silver Engraved Teardrop Earrings

Sterling Silver & Faceted Amethyst Earrings

Diamond cuts made through the Rhodium plating create 14K Gold stars all around these 8mm Ball Post Earrings.

Sterling Silver Laser Finish 8mm Ball Post Earrings.

Bright finish creates unique stud earrings.

Sterling Silver

Teardrop  Puff French

Ear Wire Earrings  have beautiful engraved design.

Intricate Sterling Silver Earrings hold beautiful,
faceted oval gemstone  drops.


Amethyst Drop Sterling Silver Earrings

These intricate Sterling Silver earrings are adorned by beautiful, faceted, 7mm x 5mm oval shaped, Amethyst gemstone drops.

Amethyst is February’s birthstone and the stone for the signs of Aquarius and Pisces!

It is said to enhance compassion and tolerance and to encourage inner peace & healing.

The earrings are 1 & 3/8 inches long and 1/4 inch wide.

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